Friday, 4 November 2011

Ninja Master Prep makes a Fabulous Carrot Delight!

So, yesterday was shopping day and we bought some organic carrots, a lemon and a piece of ginger. I was so exited to make a juice this morning. Check out this recipe:

2 Organic Carrots, quartered
Half of an Apple
1 inch of Fresh Ginger
Squeeze of Lemon and a little zest
A little purified water

Put everything in the Ninja Master Prep or any blender and pulse until it is smooth (about 1 minute). Strain through a wire strainer and a piece of loose weave cloth or use a nut milk bag. Squeeze gently until you have extracted most of the juice. it makes about 2 cups. Save the pulp for making muffins or go ahead and compost it.

Serve juice in tumblers with or without ice.


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