Standard Bread Recipe

2 3/4 Cup Warm water
1 Heaping TBS Yeast
1 Heaping TBS Salt
2 TBS Honey or Sugar
Let sit until foamy, 5-10 minutes
2 TBS Butter or Olive oil
3 Cups Flour
Stir in well and add 3 more cups of flour, 1 at a time.

Flour your counter or cutting bored and knead for about 10 minutes, adding more flour if it is sticky.
Cut dough in half, shape loaves and place in Buttered Bread pans. Let raise (turn on the oven for a minute and then shut it off for a warm place) until doubled, about 30 minutes. if your oven takes more then a few minutes to preheat to 350, you should plan to take the bread out first. if you want to bake it directly, add an extra 5-10 minutes to the bake time depending on your preheat time.

You can use whole wheat flour or half white half wheat in this recipe. Fresh ground whole wheat flour will perform better then bagged, tastes sweeter and will also stay fresh longer. See the The Wonder Mill page.